Filters the log based on activities

filter_activity(eventlog, activities, reverse, ...)

# S3 method for eventlog
filter_activity(eventlog, activities, reverse = FALSE, ...)

# S3 method for grouped_eventlog
filter_activity(eventlog, activities,
  reverse = FALSE, ...)




The dataset to be used. Should be a (grouped) eventlog object.


Character vector containing one or more activity identifiers.


Logical, indicating whether the selection should be reversed.


Deprecated arguments.


When given an eventlog, it will return a filtered eventlog. When given a grouped eventlog, the filter will be applied in a stratified way (i.e. each separately for each group). The returned eventlog will be grouped on the same variables as the original event log.


The method filter_activity can be used to filter on activity identifiers. It has an activities argument, to which a vector of identifiers can be given. The selection can be negated with the reverse argument.

Methods (by class)

  • eventlog: Filter eventlog for activity labels

  • grouped_eventlog: Filter grouped eventlog for activity labels

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