Analyses the structuredness of an event log by use of trace frequencies. Applicable at logn case and trace level

trace_coverage(eventlog, level, append, ...)

# S3 method for eventlog
trace_coverage(eventlog, level = c("log", "trace", "case"),
  append = F, ...)

# S3 method for grouped_eventlog
trace_coverage(eventlog, level = c("log", "trace",
  "case"), append = F, ...)



The dataset to be used. Should be a (grouped) eventlog object. eventlog.


Level of granularity for the analysis: log, case, activity, resource or resource-activity. For more information, see vignette("metrics", "edeaR")


Logical, indicating whether to append results to original event log. Ignored when level is log or trace.


Deprecated arguments


  • Trace: The absolute and relative frequency of each trace is returned

  • Case: for each case, the coverage of the corresponding trace is returned

  • Log: Summary statistics of the coverage of traces is returned.

Methods (by class)

  • eventlog: Trace coverage metric for eventlog

  • grouped_eventlog: Trace coverage metric for grouped eventlog


Swennen, M. (2018). Using Event Log Knowledge to Support Operational Exellence Techniques (Doctoral dissertation). Hasselt University.